Integrated Systems and Photonics

Lab course in micro, nano and opto system technology

The course aims to convey practical knowledge in the fields of micro, nano and opto system technology. For this purpose, the students independently conduct experiments in the respective subject areas. As a result, the students have the opportunity to get to know processes and components from the three fields.

The course only takes place during the summer semester, one afternoon per week.

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Title of the individual experiments:

  1. Statistical basics of manufacturing technology
  2. Micromechanical mass flow sensor
  3. Fundamentals of micro-mechanical inertial sensors
  4. Transistor amplifier circuit with feedback
  5. Magnetic tunnel junctions as non-volatile information storage
  6. Switching mechanisms in ferroelectric capacitors
  7. SPICE Simulations for Gates and Saving
  8. Michelson interferometer
  9. Spectroscopy
  10. Laser
  11. Display technology

Experiments 1 to 3 are supervised by the chair of microelectronics and microsystems technology (Prof. Benecke), 4 to 7 by the chair of nanoelectronics (Prof. Kohlstedt) and 8 to 11 by the chair of integrated systems and photonics (Prof. Gerken).