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WATCH OUT !!! 10x conference stipend: "Transatlantic Sync - Germany & The US In The Era Of Technological Revolution". Apply now !!!

May 28, 2019

Transatlantic Sync

Meet the movers of the digital future and discuss technological innovations in the heart of Silicon Valley!



From October 27 to 29, 2019, the conference

Transatlantic Sync – Germany & The US In The Era Of Technological Revolution”

takes place in Mountain View, California, USA, organized by Young Academics and Professionals of Stanford University and the Bay Area.


10 master and doctoral students from Kiel University can attend the conference with a conference stipend

(including a presentation of their own poster).


Since 2017 San Francisco is one of Kiel’s partner cities. Kiel University wants to enhance the exchange with the San Francisco Bay Area und supports the attendance with the help of the internationalisation fund. The conference fee as well as the expenses for travel and accommodation will be covered. The participants have to bear the costs for meals.


Experts and young talents from business, academia, politics, start-ups and the community of the Silicon Valley discuss the impact of digital technologies on business and society. The conference is also about identifying new opportunities for German-American collaborations in business, research and policy-making to build a new transatlantic bridge resting on technology.



Day of arrival: 26.10.2019

Day of departure: 31.10.2019

Arrival in Hamburg: 01.11.2019


After the conference it is planned to spend one more day in the Bay Area, organized by all participants of Kiel University.

Presumably in November there will be a self-organized final event in Kiel that allows all participants of Kiel University to present their findings of the conference to a public.    



Applications may be submitted by master or doctoral students of Kiel University in all fields, especially engineering and computer science. 

Please send a letter of motivation, CV and your diplomas to until 30.06.2019.


For any questions please contact Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken:


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