Integrated Systems and Photonics


Theses on current research topics are constantly available at the chair of integrated systems and photonics. We specify thesis topics in consultation with students, and take their prior knowledge and preferences into account.

If you are interested in completing a thesis with us, please e-mail Prof. Gerken with information about whether you prefer something with a focus on modelling, manufacturing in the cleanroom, or laboratory experiments.

Please also include details of your relevant prior knowledge. We will then offer you a thesis topic.


Bachelor thesis still to be awarded:

Bachelor thesis: Herstellung und Charakterisierung organischer Photodetektoren zur Flurreszenzdetektion


Master thesis still to be awarded:

Master thesis: Endpunktmesssystem für die markerfreie Detektion von Blutbiomarkern auf Basis von Photonischen Kristallen

Master thesist: Herstellung und Charakterisierung organischer Optoelektronik zur Fluoreszenzdetektion